Ep. 43 - Epic Fines, Late Payments, and The Doctor's New Threads

Epic Games breaks the record for largest fine or penalty ever assessed by the FTC thanks to their predatory microtransaction mechanics on Fortnite, hashtag great job, crapburgers. Meanwhile, Oppenheimer and Barbie will release on the same day in summer of 2023, what a double-feature! Avatar: The Way of Water doesn't hit its projected opening weekend numbers, but that might be a good thing? Henry Cavill gets a real Charlie Brown football moment with Superman before announcing his real passion project. The comic book industry crumbles further into debt to freelancers who haven't been paid on time in months, while Amazon announces a video game adaptation for streaming television, Netflix symbolically repeats history by delivering a killing blow to their lackluster Blockbuster sitcom, and the new Dr. Who gets a brand new wardrobe that both cosplayers and Kyle will greatly appreciate.

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