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Riding the Backlog - Zelda: Breath of the Wild (Part 10)

By Chris Pranger

Session 10: Let’s Go Meet the Zora

Welcome to the tenth session of Riding the Backlog: Breath of the Wild! In this series I ride an exercise bike while playing a video game, grousing as I play for whatever reason I can find. In session 9 I managed to complete the Eventide challenge, so my first task today is to explore this island a little bit completely unhindered by restrictions. Let’s see what this island has to offer!

As soon as I walk forward and admire the beautiful island before me, I stumble across an unlikely sight: this island is no longer uninhabited! Or, rather, I am now sharing the current island with another non-monster entity. Hanging around the edge of the cliff is a Rito named Mimo. The Rito are the bird people of Hyrule, and I have to go on a side tangent here.

The first time we encountered the Rito in a Zelda game was The Wind Waker. The plot of that game had Hyrule covered by water, which resulted in some changes. The most baffling is that the fish pe…

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