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WandaVision Review: Episode 3 "Now in Color"

Wanda Maximoff, as she is written and portrayed in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, is a hero defined almost entirely by pain and regret. Her origins as a lab experiment and enhanced minion for Baron Strucker and Ultron, the deaths of her parents and twin brother Pietro, her failure on an Avengers mission to Lagos that resulted in civilian casualties, and then the doomed love affair and death of Vision are an absolute dogpile of narrative torture for one young woman who has never been allowed an unqualified win or any measure of unbroken happiness since audiences were introduced to her. This latest episode of "WandaVision," the unlikely sitcom wherein Wanda seemingly finally gets to have it all and live happily, continues the bubble-bursting for her when the arrival of her twin boys is marked by the same mysterious dread that has permeated the first two outings for the series. Since Lucille Ball gave birth to Desi Jr. on the same day Lucy Ricardo gave birth to Little Ricky in 1

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