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Crossing the Stream: Part 71 - "GLOW" Sn 2

Don't worry, I'm not dead. I apologize if anyone was waiting on baited breath for an update about how tragically difficult it is for me to deal with life without the help of the devil sugar. It's been some kind of week. I work in insurance, and January is the busy time of year. If you're a tax professional, understand me when I say that January is to me what Feb-April is for you. If you work retail or something in the service industry...well, let me start by saying thanks. But yeah, January is kind of a low-amperage, slow-burn Black Friday for 30 days. Too much at once. On top of that, my little girl has a kidney thing. A kidney situation. A urinary tract goof, if you will. So that's just a barrel of fun, too. Hence, this is a day or two late and the blog has been pretty quiet. I'm sorry about that. Not to you, to me. I'm sorry to myself for not getting this type of exercise, too. It's just as important to me.

You'd think I would have sunk deep into…

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