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Comic Book POW! - Aug. 19

Okay, so harsh times are afoot in the world of comics. The massive DC layoffs and the deliberate disintegration of the DC Universe streaming service --and WarnerMedia also taking an ax to many other subsidiaries and business segments at the same time that went largely unnoticed--has been the headline for the last week or so. But hope still remains, after a fashion: Jim Lee actually spoke at a spotlight panel at C2E2 under the unintentionally ominous banner “We Are Still in the Business of Publishing Comics.” Um...yeesh. The last time I encountered a declarative statement like that, it was the sign at a failing Dairy Queen that read "Yes, We Are Definitely Still Open."DC Universe will continue as a digital subscription platform for the 25,000 comic book titles listed therein, and I feel reassured by that; Marvel has done very well with this model, and perhaps the cost-cutting measure of moving the video streaming service and its big exclusive hits to HBO Max will help to rein…

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