Ep. 45 - Dungeness Crap

It's a week of strained relationships between media companies and their audiences, with Wizards of the Coast dropping the dice under the table while trying to install a few legal trapdoors with a new Open Gaming License, Ubisoft cancelling games left and right while delaying Skull and Bones yet again...anybody ever heard of a long-delayed disaster called Duke Nukem Forever, by the way? No reason. Elsewhere, Gina Carano enjoys her post-Star Wars free speech lifestyle to the tune of a whopping $13,000 at the box office. Awesome. Speaking of Star Wars, Marvel is celebrating Black History Month with ten cover variants featuring Black characters from a galaxy far, far away. HBO Max has a double-edged sword of a week between The Last of Us getting rave reviews and Velma being almost universally despised. And Paramount announces--at just the right time--that a Dungeons & Dragons television show is on its way.

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