Cinema Autopsy

If you've been a loyal Sandwich-Head all this time, from our humble beginnings on The Escapist and our now way more humble reboot as an indie outlet for the podcast and other buffoonery, you might be asking can we support these good boys and their silly, ramshackle enclave in the wasteland of blogs and podcasts that litter the internet hellscape?

Well, the cheapest way to support us is to subscribe to the podcast, rate it, write a review on your podcast app of choice, and stay with us. We like that. We like you, as well. But if you'd like some premium additional content and you also want to be sure that any money you lay down for it goes to improving Media Sandwich, we've got a deal for you.

Kyle's recent venture into publishing, Cinema Autopsy, is available now on the Amazon Kindle Store for $4.99, and features lengthy essays on over 24 films ranging from They Saved Hitler's Brain! to Josh Trank's 2015 Fantastic Four reboot. Own all the original Autopsy articles from the good old days of the Chain Gang Media site, along with tons of new material, and support your local Sandwich-Head!

Click here to go straight to the book in the Kindle store!

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