DRAT Ep. 5 - Mario Kart Tour (2019) & Starlink: Battle For Atlas (2018)

What's a more kid-friendly game for dad? Mario Kart on your smartphone, or a plastic spaceship plugged into your controller? Chris gives a rundown after a month of playing the Nintendo-for-mobile Mario Kart game, which incorporates those timeless elements of a freemium mobile app: a gashapon system called the "Loot Tube." Meanwhile Kyle talks up the latest (possibly last, definitely coolest) toy-to-life video game that Ubisoft quietly released last year. It's spaceship toys, open world space travel, and a cameo from Starfox? Starlink: Battle For Atlas might not release any more physical toys due to lack of sales, but that might make it the best toy collectible for these Dads.

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