Sandwich Board: Sept, 2019

So, every September I have this incurable itch to swarm this site with a bunch of new content. If I'm lucky, I make it to Spring before I get overwhelmed by life and decide to go on hiatus. But there's something about the "back to school" vibes that gets me concocting all sorts of new ideas for regular stuff here at the Sandwich lair. So, welcome to...I guess we could call it Season 3 of Media Sandwich, which might sound pretty pathetic by anyone's standards but at least we aren't the official Jeremy Renner app.

I don't know much about Jeremy Renner outside of his performances, and now jokes about his app. In all honesty, I'm not sold on the idea that this guy deserves so much scorn for being an enthusiastic brand ambassador for both Marvel/Disney, and for himself. He's Jeremy Renner: Professional Good Sport About Most Things. That's awesome. I like that. Jeremy is fine...his agent and manager should probably be fired, maybe his money manager. I don't know how much that app nonsense cost him, or if he just collected a fee for his endorsement and his name and likeness, etc. I do admire how quickly the thing was just shuttered completely in lieu of a prolonged disaster. There was dignity in the "hey, this sucks" resignation of the farewell message to those who had signed up

We all should be so lucky to have the grace of a Jeremy Renner, in the face of such a bewildering public embarrassment. It's right before he's going to gear up for more Hawkeye adventures for the Disney+ streaming service, and now he's making headlines for being part of something so garish. He stepped right over the top of that mess, no harm and no foul to be had. Not too shabby.

What we do have now instead of such grace is some form of merchandise, finally! Thanks to the ease with which I can mind out new TeePublic storefront, which is live with two designs that you can buy, if you feel like tossing a few bucks at us. If you haven't heard of TeePublic, it's simply one of the places on the internet where you can have your own images emblazoned on all manner of bulk products like coffee mugs and shirts and phone cases. What makes TeePublic a good one? Well, it's really easy. So easy a chucklehead like me can put up the Media Sandwich podcast logo as well as the DRAT logo.


If by some miracle you want to wear my beloved sandwich crest or slap it on your locker as a sticker (lockers still exist, right?), you can visit the link above or press the "TeePublic" button on our homepage. But don't worry, some new designs will find their way into the store that aren't as brand-specific. Perhaps some designs about video games? Perhaps some about VHS. Definitely some about Star Wars, but not in a way that gets us a lawsuit!

To go along with this new feature to the site, we've also got fresh content. We've got new blog posts, new pods, and some exciting weird projects coming further down the road. Don't be shy, and subscribe and follow Media Sandwich on social media so we know you're hanging out with us!

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